Imagine the feeling of supplementing or replacing your income, simply by sharing products you're passionate about, having the freedom to choose your own working hours and the joy of supporting other individuals and families through natural wellness and education?

This could be your reality.

You have the chance to create your dream business, to create the perfect work/life balance to suit you, and the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. And that's not even the best part!

When you join the Gracious Goodness Collective, you are saying yes to empowering yourself, you are saying yes to stepping up and taking on this opportunity, and most importantly, you are saying yes to yourself.

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Our tribe is a wonderful collective of women and men who are passionate about this business. Together we encourage, support, uplift, and most importantly, we thrive.

As your upline and mentor, my role is to coach and support you in your new business, through exclusive training & education, and show you how to use your passion to create an income.

We're so blessed to align with a company that rewards us not only for purchasing, but for working this business via multiple income streams - paid both weekly & monthly - bonuses and recognition. Saying yes to this opportunity is life changing.

So... if you love Essential Oils & natural wellness, and are looking to take that passion to the next-level, and of course, if you are ready to create an income by entering the natural wellness industry...


Fast Start Payment

Fast Start is a weekly payment that rewards you for sharing Essential Oils with new members. Every time you enrol someone new, you will receive 20% of their points value on their first order, along with any others placed in their first 60 days. This payment has many levels, so the person who enrolled you would get 10%, and the one who enrolled them would receive 5%. Which means that if the members you enrol decide to work the biz, you’ll make residual income from their enrolments too!

Power of 3 Bonus

The Power of 3 Bonus is paid monthly, based on the previous month. E.g your March paycheck will be delivered in April. This bonus is based on your team structure. If you and 3 people on your front line are each purchasing 150 pv in products monthly, you’ll get a $50 bonus, the first level bonus. If each of those 3 people have 3 150pv orders on their frontline, you will get a $250 bonus, the second level. Duplicate this on the third line and you’ll get a $1500 bonus! Simple!

Unilevel Commission

The Unilevel Commission is paid monthly, and reflects the sales of your doTERRA team that month. This commission is your Residual Income, as it will continue to grow over time, the more your team grows, the more sales are made and the higher you rank. That means that even if you step away from building a doTERRA business – purchases made by your downline team members will continue to pay you. You get this money every month as long as you maintain a minimum 100pv order. 

Leadership Bonus Pools

Another monthly bonus you have access to is the Leadership Bonus Pools, available to those who rank Silver and Above! The Leadership Performance Pool offers you 2% of the topline, worldwide sales divided into payments for all who meet the ranking requirements. It is a great additional bonus that continues to grow in value as the company grows, rewarding you for your hard work reaching for higher ranks.


Please complete the form below to apply for this opportunity. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days. If you have any questions or would like to chat about this opportunity, please contact us. This opportunity is only open to people that have not already enrolled with another doTERRA Wellness Advocate.


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