Pimp your Protein Shake!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I’m feeling a little inspired by doTERRA’s Smart and Sassy metabolic blend this week.  It’s 10% off this January (2018) and I said a little thank you to dōTERRA when it was announced as it compliments my new year’s resolutions perfectly!!

dōTERRA Smart & Sassy metabolic blend is an awesome blend of Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon essential oils.  Why is it awesome? Great question.  The Grapefruit essential oil is high in limonene which helps to reduce appetite, the Cinnamon supports healthy glucose metabolism, the Lemon encourages healthy hydration when used in water, the Ginger supports healthy metabolic processes and the Peppermint helps to curb appetite and reduce cravings.  Thank you mother nature!! After the Christmas and New Year indulgences I need to get my nutrition and eating patterns back on track!! As amazing as this essential oil blend is, it can’t do miracles.  So along with this oil I am focusing on my food – not crazy and obsessive focus, more wholefood, minimal refined sugars.. that type of thing.  But something that I really struggle with is snacking before dinner.  Like big time!  That time period from 4-6 pm is a massive danger zone for me. Something that I’ve learned over the years, is that protein shakes are a really effective way to reduce food cravings.  With careful choosing, you can find shakes that are high in protein but low in calories, sugar and fat.  Steer clear of the celebrity shakes.. the sugar content in some of those is insane!!  A small whey protein shake in the afternoon is a great way to stay full until dinnertime.  Here’s a few interesting protein facts for you, just in case you were thinking that protein shakes were just a gimmick… * Protein is the most satiating (filling) of the three macronutrients.  So you are less likely to feel hungry on a high protein diet… even if overall calories are the same in both diet plans.

* It is very difficult for your body to convert protein into body fat, even at very high amounts.  If a larger portion of your diet is made up of protein, you’ll be able to eat more and still lose fat.

* Studies have shown that whey protein shakes work just as well as wholefood protein sources when it comes to body composition and fat loss. 

* A fat loss diet that is higher in protein leads to more fat loss and more muscle preservation than a diet lower in protein… even if overall calories are the same in both diet plans.

* A diet higher in protein leads to more muscle gain than a diet lower in protein… even if overall calories are the same in both diet plans.

* A diet higher in protein leads to less belly fat than a lower protein diet plan… even if overall calories are the same in both diet plans.

So armed with this information and my trusty metabolic essential oil blend, I am planning on pimping my protein shake to make it even more powerful!! 2-4 drops of dōTERRA Smart & Sassy metabolic blend into my whey protein shake – tastes delicious and adds additional metabolic support, hunger and appetite suppression and helps me to kick those food cravings to the curb!!  C'mon afternoon munchies... I dare you!

When it comes to essential oils though, it is really important to remember that they have not all been created equal.  doTERRA Smart & Sassy metabolic blend has the Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand tick of approval as a food flavouring... meaning that it is the highest purity and quality, and safe for you to take internally.  Never ingest an essential oil that does not have this food standard written clearly on the label.  If you would like more information about this or any other essential oil then please message me, follow me on Facebook or check out my blog here on how to buy doTERRA essential oils. Sandra xo

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