Ceylon Hut - Yellow Rice

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

You may think it strange to put a recipe up for cooking rice. Yes?

Well, in the interests of keeping all things true to the Ceylon Hut Curry Restaurant experience I thought it only fair that I also include their recipe for yellow rice.  The perfect addition to any of the Ceylon Hut range of curries.


2 cups basmati rice 2 tbs butter or ghee 2 tsp turmeric 4 cups of water


In a medium saucepan, combine the white rice, water and turmeric, turn onto high and put lid on. 

Bring to the boil, take lid off and stir once, replace lid, turn heat to low and allow to cook for abut 5 to 10 minutes, checking only very occasionally to see if the water been absorbed, stirring only once. 

When all water has been absorbed, remove from the heat and allow to stand for 5 minutes, this will cause the rice to become very soft and fluffy. 

If sticky, steamed rice is not desired, then butter can be added to the water and rice at the onset, this will melt into the cooking rice causing it to become separate grains.

A note from Gracious Goodness :

I make Ceylon Hut yellow rice in a rice cooker and it works perfectly.  Just put all the ingredients into the rice cooker and let it do its thing!

Sandra xo

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