Adrenal Fatigue - Let's Explore It

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Adrenal Fatigue is becoming one of my favourite topics to talk about.  I think so many of us can identify with different elements of it.  Life is busy these days for most us but some it is super busy and crazy and chaotic and stressful and….

First off we are super divas – on top of the world – crazy busy, stressed but keeping up with it all. Life is good.  Crazy but good. We might even feel as though we are thriving.

Then, when we don’t listen to the warning cues that our body sends us we start to feel run down, picking up every bug that is going around.  But we still aren’t very good at listening to our body because we don’t slow down… we persist, there’s work to be done!

So after some more crazy, stressful, busyness we find ourselves really struggling to function at our best.  Our body is working overtime but our energy is low and our immune system is becoming hyper-reactive.

That is, until we eventually crash.  We know it’s coming.  It’s inevitable.  Like a train wreck in slow motion.  We feel powerless to stop it.

What is going on in our body throughout all of this ??

Join me over the next 4 blogs to find out.  I’m going to take you through each stage of adrenal fatigue and explain why we feel the way we do and offer some suggestions on things that we can do to help us feel better.   

If you would like to reach out to chat about your wellness and creating more balance in your life then please message me! You can also learn a little more about CPtG essential oils here. Sandra xo

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