Gracious Goodness Essentials is really me... Sandra Jones.


Hello! I am so happy that you’ve found me. Allow me to introduce myself - I am a passionate health professional and wellness advocate who loves to share with everyone my love of the human body, science, oils, opals, low tox living and nutrition along with life and business coaching!


But it wasn’t always this way. I have worked in prehospital emergency medicine for over 20 years and late nights, long hours, a healthy social life and a young family meant that I was often reaching for convenience over quality. It was in 2015 when my youngest daughter was suffering with terrible tummy migraines (a diagnosis often given when nothing else fits) that I started to explore natural wellness and the possibility that low tox-ing our life could improve my family’s overall health. Don’t get me wrong… we started small. Small low tox substitutions. Small dietary changes. Small positive lifestyle inclusions. Over time, all these small steps progressively turned in to some big improvements in both physical and emotional health for the whole family. And those tummy migraines? They became a thing of the past.


For the past 5 years I have, together with my husband Mark and daughter’s Breeana and Isabelle, embraced a more holistic approach to living. And the most exciting part, is that I have been able to inspire and empower others in the process. I’m guessing that is why you are here! Gracious Goodness Essentials has morphed into a glorious collective of like minded souls from all walks of life. Women and men who are looking to take ownership of their health and their homes to create the best versions of themselves, naturally. If this sounds like you, then welcome! Look around this page, message me to chat and let’s explore together how you can take the first steps to a more balanced life.

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