To the best of our knowledge, we are the only opal jewellers in Australia offering this product.  

Gracious Goodness Essentials and Opal Quest have teamed together to create - OPALS & OILS - and we are so excited to provide you with a unique, quality Australian product that has been developed specifically with aromatherapy and fashion in mind. Sandra from Gracious Goodness Essentials can provide you with assistance on how to use essential oils and diffusional stones whilst Mark of Opal Quest is custom making and designing jewellery exclusively for our store. Together we aim to provide you with an exceptional product and a wholistic service.

Normally opal is hard and non porous and not suitable for aromatherapy jewellery – however in certain opal fields, like Andamooka in outback South Australia, you can find a special kind of opal called matrix or fairy opal.  

Fairy opal is named because small flecks of hard opal is found scattered through a host matrix rock.  The scattered opal can look like tiny bits of fairy glitter through the stone, and most exciting- shows up more when
the matrix is wet.  Normally opal cutters choose to highly polish or lacquer coat matrix opal to get maximum shine and opal colour, however we have discovered that if we polish the matrix just enough to get a hint of colour when dry, we retain the natural porousity of the host matrix – which allows the stone to absorb essential oil, creates a POP of colour and then slowly diffuses the aroma over several hours. 

Please feel free to check out our store and discover the beautiful offerings available to you. We appreciate your support!

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