Wellness Advocate. Essential Oils Educator.  Lifestyle & Business Coach. 


I am passionate about finding natural options to optimise health and wellbeing that are backed by science and evidence based practice.   

As a health professional with over 20 years clinical experience, a mother of two gorgeous girls, wife to a talented entrepreneur and a Gold Leader within dōTERRA I would love to help you discover your full wellness potential.

Inspiring wellness with essential oils & contemporary lifestyle philosophies. Dive deep into the world of DIY and Wellness Recipes for holistic support.

Visit the Wellness Blog to discover contemporary philosophies and informative advice to support natural wellness, and an incredible range of recipes.

It is simple and easy to purchase doTERRA essential oils at wholesale prices for personal use, and reap the rewards of a membership account.

Explore the exclusive world of Aromatherapy Opals, not only for their benefits, but for their naturally beautiful designs. Hand crafted & mined from Andamooka.

Let's link arms and discover the opportunity of creating your own wellness based business via the doTERRA opportunity, creating a life of financial freedom.

Sandra Jones 


Goodness Gracious Essentials

Email: sandra@graciousgoodness.me

Phone: 0400 793 512

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